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Specific knowledge about the operation of a highly specialised industry, coupled with our unwavering involvement with our clients, has enabled us to provide appropriate solutions to their needs at every stage in the following areas of action:

Comprehensive advisory service
Audit of Accounts and special reports
Restructuring and feasibility plans
Advice to dealers
Cash-flow needs management
Legal and tax advice

Traffic law
Appeal through the administrative route and before the contentious-administrative jurisdiction
Criminal proceedings for traffic safety violations
Civil and criminal claims

Fleet Management
National and importation vehicle registration
Transfer/change of ownership of vehicles
Notification of Sale
Directorate General of Traffic discharges (Voluntary, theft, permanently owing to exportation, etc).
Duplication of driving licence and Technical Inspection Card
Cancellation of Domain Reservation and other charges
Request of Reports at provincial Traffic Headquarters
Technical data certificate Vehicle Technical Inspection
Management of tax on certain means of transport: returns, etc.
Special transport authorisations (local, regional and state)
Other paperwork


Points-based driving Licenses: Information and checking of Points
Renewal, duplication and change of address to Driving Licences
Certifications of driver and offender records

Public Record Certification
Sourcing of Civil Registration and Public Administration Certification
Criminal Record Certifications
Trade Registry and Property Registry Certificates